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How Confident Are You With Your Money?

While you don’t need to understand market trends, how to buy a stock and all the other technical investment terms advisors love to spout. As a woman you must become confident with your money, understanding what you have, why you have it and how it will support you.

Let’s see how confident you really are with your money.

With each question below give yourself a score from 1= I’m clueless to 5= I am on it. Total your score at the bottom to determine your confidence.



I understand my investment statements and review them monthly (in paper or online)
I am always learning from my financial advisor and feel extremely comfortable asking questions (even the stupid questions)
I have a financial plan for my money and investments that I understand, review annually and is very meaningful to me. (they are not just numbers)
I know the purpose for my investments; which ones are designed to protect my money, grow my money and those that provide income.
I know what my lifestyle costs and am actively conscious of living within my means


If you scored:
20 - 25 points you are a Confident Woman
15 - 19 you are on your way to becoming a Confident Woman
14 or below you need a new advisor providing a new experience that makes your
path to financial independence more meaningful, enjoyable and empowering.

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