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Creating Clarity, Direction and Confidence

Megan's Story - Trust & Understanding

I was raised by a very strong mother. She was the rock of our home and taught me to be highly responsible and independent thinker at a at a very young age. While this was good for my future it made me a bit challenging to raise. 

What I learned from this experience was that my Mom heard me, appreciated my unique nature, valued my opinion and encouraged me to create a life of confidence.

When I first entered the industry I saw how women were not heard and in many cases they were ignored. The advisory practice focused more on the technical aspects of the business never really getting to know what was important for these women.  When I joined Lynn’s team, I vowed to meet women where they were at, to encourage them to open up, to share their desires and fears knowing investments never really When I started working with Lynn I realized I was treating our clients like my Mom treated me. I wanted them to feel heard and encouraged them to speak. I appreciated where they were at in their life and valued their unique nature. This environment seemed to inspire  women to become more engaged in their affairs knowing what they wanted, needed and deserved was important to us as well.

Therefore my true purpose is to meet our clients where they are so that they realize FRESH, COMFORTABLE AND SAFE CREATING A NEW EXPERIENCE BUILT ON TRUST AND UNDERSTANDING.  They realize they are what’s important, it’s not just the numbers To show them that this experience will be different. encourage our clients to think, to challenge them to question what they want out of life knowing their thoughts and opinions are valued and appreciated.  We can then  help them  to create a clear path to help them become more financially stable and secure.

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