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Creating Clarity, Direction and Confidence

Lynn's Story - Why Women

I was raised by an amazing woman. A doctor and a single mother always devoted to others. After my parents’ divorce, her lack of financial understanding caused extreme anxiety and even depression. She felt she lost control over her life. My brother and I were shocked. How could such a smart, capable woman with a successful career struggle with money? 

When I became a financial advisor, I began to realize my Mom was not alone. Many of the women I work with have spent their lives putting others first as a priority, neglecting their financial affairs and leaving them vulnerable. I wanted these women to feel good about the decisions they make, understanding what they had and how to use their money to create the life they want. 

That is why my true purpose as a financial advisor is to encourage every woman to become more engaged in her financial life. To create an environment that puts her first, gives her a voice and gently guides her to her unique path to financial security.

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